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XYY syndrome is a genetic condition in which a male has an extra Y chromosome. There are usually few symptoms. These may include being taller than average, acne, and an increased risk of learning problems. The person is generally otherwise normal, including normal fertility.. The condition is generally not inherited from a person's parents but rather occurs as a result of a random event during.   Triple X syndrome may also be discovered during prenatal testing to identify other genetic disorders. If triple X syndrome is suspected based on signs and symptoms, it can be confirmed by genetic testing — chromosome analysis using a blood sample. Trisomy X may also be referred to as 47,XXX, Triplo X syndrome, and Triple X syndrome. Trisomy X syndrome was first described in by Dr. Patricia Jacobs and colleagues in a year-old woman with normal intellectual abilities and infertility with secondary amenorrhea at 19 years of age. Tracie Emmerich Professor Debbie Seale Biology TR, am 3/6/ Triple X Syndrome Triple X Syndrome is a sex chromosome abnormality in which there are three X chromosomes instead of the usual two found in most X Syndrome is also known as Trisomy X, Triplo X Syndrome, and XXX first published report of a woman with a karyotype with a 47, .

Question: An Individual Has Triple X Syndrome, Or Trisomy X, Which Affects Around 1/1, Females. Those Affected Tend To Be Taller And Are More Likely To Have Learning Disabilities. The Syndrome Usually Occurs As A Random Nondisjunction Event During The Formation Of Gametes. Triple X syndrome is the most common female chromosomal abnormality, occurring in approximately 1 in 1, female births, and a review by Tartaglia et al. reveals the subsequent features of the condition. Its most common characteristics are tall stature (>75th . 47 RothmundThomson Syndrome 37 Trisomy 18 Syndrome 48 Scleromyxedema 38 Syndrome Triple X Syndrome 49 Setleis Syndrome 39 XXY Syndrome Klinefelter Syndrome 50 Sutton Disease [] Trisomy 9p Multiple Variants 44 Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris 34 Chromosome 9 Trisomy Mosaic 45 Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum 35 Pentasomy X 46 Pyoderma. The National Library of Medicine (NLM), on the NIH campus in Bethesda, Maryland, is the world's largest biomedical library and the developer of electronic information services that delivers data to millions of scientists, health professionals and members of the public around the globe, every day.

With Edwards Syndrome there is chromosomal abnormality with an extra copy of chromosome 18 hence it is also called trisomy Signs and symptoms: It occurs with a frequency of 1 in births. This is a syndrome with many serious malformations that interfere with a normal life expectancy.

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Elizabeth and her Extra X is a children’s book for kids with Triple X or Trisomy X syndrome (47, XXX). This book helps children and adolescents with Triple X understand their condition.

The story follows Elizabeth, a young girl with Triple X, through her busy day as she attends school, goes to golf practice and has a doctor’s appointment/5(11). This "book" had 2 and 1/2 pages of bibliograhpy on the topic, Triple X Syndrome, and the remaining pages were a rehash of genetic information widely available.

The articles listed had absolutely no description, so it was impossible to ascertain what the study was about. I returned this book immediately and am awaiting my s: 1. Living with Klinefelter Syndrome (47,XXY) Trisomy X (47, XXX) XYY: A Guide for Families and Individuals Affected by Extra X and Y Chromosome Variations Thanks to the generosity of the book’s author, Virginia Isaac’s Cover, MSW, AXYS is pleased to make this book available to the X and Y variation community, in its entirety, at no cost.

Triple X syndrome or oor orr Trisomy X TTrisomy X Trriissoommyy XX Triple X syndrome (Trisomy X) is a genetic condition that only affects females.

Girls and women with triple X syndrome have an extra X chromosome. Most people have 46 chromosomes, made up of tightly coiled DNA along which are the. Triple X Syndrome or 47, XXX is a sex chromosome aneuploidy (SCA) in which affected females may have a variety of physical, medical, and psychological features.

The incidence of 47, XXX is approximately one in 1, live born females [Jacobs, ]. In contrast to other trisomies, Triple X syndrome does not have a. Trisomy X may also be referred to as 47,XXX, triplo X syndrome, and triple X syndrome.

Trisomy X syndrome was first described in by Dr. Patricia Jacobs and colleagues in a year-old woman with normal intellectual abilities and infertility who developed secondary amenorrhea at 19 years of age.

Triple X, also called trisomy X XXX, is a genetic condition that occurs when a girl receives three X chromosomes from her parents. Typically, girls only receive two X : Donna Christiano. Triple X syndrome — also called XXX syndrome, trisomy X, or 47,XXX aneuploidy — is a genetic disorder in which a woman carries an extra X chromosome in each of her cells.

Informatieve website voor (aanstaande) ouders van een dochter met het triple-x-syndroom en voor meisjes en vrouwen die het syndroom zelf hebben en andere. Triple X syndrome is also known as Trisomy X, 47 XXX, Triplo-X, and XXX syndrome. It is not an inherited condition; in other words, it is not passed on from parent to child.

It is caused by a Author: Alex Novakovic. Triple X syndrome is a genetic disorder also known by the names 47 XXX syndrome and Trisomy X syndrome. It affects 1 in around 1, women. Females normally possess two X chromosomes for each cell (one from each parent). Those with Triple X syndrome have an additional X.

Triple X syndrome, also called trisomy X or 47,XXX, is characterized by the presence of an additional X chromosome in each of a female's cells. Explore symptoms, inheritance, genetics of this condition. Triple X Syndrome Testing and Diagnosis Words | 3 Pages. Amniocentesis is tested by getting a sample from the amnion or amniotic sac surrounding a developing fetus and the fetal DNA is examined for genetic abnormalities.

Triple X syndrome is relatively rare, occurring in about 1 of females. The name Triple X refers to a genetic condition in which the girl is born with an extra X chromosome and. Triple X syndrome, also terXXX syndrome occurs 1 in births, so that in the US five to ten triple X syndrome girls are born every day.

The are growing a few centimeters taller than their female siblings, but usually weigh less. Triple X syndrome or trisomy X is a disorder where a female has three X chromosomes in all or some of their cells instead of the two X chromosomes normally present in the cells of females.

This condition occurs due to a random genetic mutation and is not inherited. In healthy individuals, a sex chromosome comes from each parent to make a pair. Triple X syndrome is a genetic condition found in females only. About 1 in 1, girls have it. Girls with triple X syndrome — also known as XXX syndrome, trisomy X, XXX, — might be taller than other girls.

Other symptoms can include problems with spoken language and processing spoken words, coordination problems, and weaker muscles. What is Triple X syndrome. Triple X is a rare genetic syndrome where there is an addition of X chromosome in a cell of a female.

In the genetic makeup, the female genes comprise of XX chromosomes. In a rare occasion, an additional X chromosome or even more is added to the XX pair thus Triple X syndrome happens.

Dear visitor, This originally Dutch website gives information about the Triple-X-Syndrome and is hosted by parents. It contains a lot of international articles that. The nature of Triple-X syndrome is a very broad, flexible, blurry, surprising, shape changing one.

If a person has it, it does not automatically mean that it is predictable what will show up and when. Introduction. Triple X syndrome (47,XXX) is not extremely rare, although one might think so, as the majority of cases go undiagnosed.

1 The incidence has been established to 1/ females, since the earliest case series have been published and confirmed by others. 2 Triple X syndrome is a sex chromosomal abnormality (SCA).

The sex chromosomes have aneuploid counts in SCA, e.g. 47,XYY. Diagnosis and Testing of XXX Syndrome. Diagnosis by amniocentesis, CVS, or chromosome testing. Recurrence risk of less than 1%. There is a theoretical increased risk of X aneuploidy for the children of women with Triple X, however, this has not been shown in practice.

The term 'incidence' of Triple-X syndrome means the annual diagnosis rate, or the number of new cases of Triple-X syndrome diagnosed each year (i.e.

getting Triple-X syndrome). Hence, these two statistics types can differ: a short disease like flu can have high annual incidence but low prevalence, but a life-long disease like diabetes has a low.

Triple X Syndrome occurs in one of every 1, female births, although the condition often goes undetected in the many females who don't experience symptoms.

Triple X Syndrome and Social Security's Blue Book. Social Security's Blue Book is a collection of medical conditions that automatically qualify an individual for disability benefits. Triple X syndrome, also known by alternative names such as Trisomy X or Triplo X, is a disorder within bodies are composed of millions of cells and each cell contains 46 chromosomes inside of its nuclei, which acts as the "brain" for the individual cell.

Triple X Syndrome occurs when a female has three X chromosomes in her body's cells. While it causes no unique physical features, it may lead to learning disability, as well as delayed speech/language and motor development. What is Triple X Syndrome. Triple X syndrome is a genetic disorder that only affects women.

It does not always cause symptoms but sometimes it can result in certain physical characteristics/problems, such as taller than average height, a small head, poor motor.

Introduction. Triple X syndrome (trisomy X, 47,XXX), first described by Jacobsis a sex chromosomal aneuploidy condition with female phenotype[].The incidence of the syndrome is estimated at per live born girls[].Its symptoms vary very widely, including tall stature, hypertelorism, epicanthal folds, clinodactyly, congenital heart disease, genitourinary and some other.

This network was created in by a Triple-X-family in Germany to connect and compile families and groups and their real life experience about how Triple-X-girls and – women and their families master their lives with this highly flexible rare syndrome. She has had one pregnancy at the age of 25 years resulted in a girl with Down's syndrome.

The child had 47 chromosomes with trisomy 21 (47, XX, +21) Figure 1. The patient also has 47 chromosomes with a triple X karyotype (47, XX, +X) Figure 2. The patient's husband (27 years old) is. Thus, Triple X Syndrome may be diagnosed as an incidental finding when the female is being examined to rule out some other condition.

Chromosome analysis is the best way to diagnose Triple X Syndrome as it will clearly show the female to have 3 X chromosomes instead of the normal 2.Triple X syndrome 47XXX is a sex chromosome abnormality characterized by presence of an extra X chromosome.

Most of the girls born with triple X chromosomes have no signs or symptoms at birth. The condition often remains undiagnosed until adulthood when the genetic defect is discovered on investigation for other reasons as in this case of a young girl who presented with primary amenorrhoea.- Explore Annie Clausen's board "Trisomy X/ Triple X Syndrome" on Pinterest.

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